GOD IS GREAT and His miracle

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Hey guys 
I am what whoever is today is just by the grace of GOD 
Nowadays the youths are not believing in GOD this is the main reason behind their unsuccessfulness they want to be self~dependence they are now thinking that they are sufficient to control themselves. Think where are you. 
(/And comment your answer at last/) 
Hey dude, NOW READ THE DEEP EXPLANATION BEHIND THE GOD Keep in mind that GOD (is/was) just a thought which saves the world in the early age the humans ( monkeys )  to whom they get the help they make their god or says savvier but some people nowadays try to earn by taking their name in false place s such as begining by their name .


That's why there are many gods on this planet mainly. ------ INDIA /Delhi .------ Keep in mind most of these people are fake they try to cheat people by making their faces bad and lies to the people God is savior healer creator we all should respect him not by just words only but by heart The word GOD has itself power but time to understand and feel the power In older days all the people kill each other as they want to be more powerful as like in the forest But some groups of people s thought is there anyone who can never be dead( IMMORTAL )  the time passes and the peoples call him by different names such as god Allah hanuman ram ......... 

In India, there are more than 10000 gods, and about all the peoples accept them. This is no joke we should also join them even "THE SCIENCE ALSO SAYS THAT THERE IS SOME POWER WHICH PROTECTS  US  " At last, I want to say that God cannot bee fit on a page neither his preaching and good works it can only live in a holy heart According to my, God is not in heaven or hell but he is in our heart 💔 
Okay bye
Jai Hind
Jai Bharat

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