Amtrak: Connecting America for 50 years

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Amtrak: Connecting America for 50 years

There was an era when the other side of the country

might as well have been the other side of the world.

That's the way it stayed

until brave and brilliant pioneers

built railroads to open new opportunities

and bring a sprawling nation closer together.

Passenger trains remained central to America's story

until the mid-20th century 

when the reliable locomotive fell on hard times.

While private railroads teetered on the brink of failure, 

a bold Congress, hearing widespread public support, 

stepped in to fund a unified passenger rail system

to keep America on track: Amtrak.

It wouldn't be easy,

but visionary women and men worked tirelessly

to consolidate operations from 20 different rail companies

and assemble a network to link small towns

and big cities from coast to coast.

The plan worked, but they didn't stop there.

They got busy renewing our fleet, investing in upgraded track, 

Refurbishing stations, expanding service with state partners

and bringing high-speed rail to America.

Their forward-looking dedication

and constant drive for improvement paid off

with the renewed public interest in rail travel,

steadily growing ridership

and a rich 50-year legacy of unbelievable journeys.

Now a new generation looks ahead to the next 50 years.

They're unveiling state-of-the-art facilities, 

crafting innovative initiatives,

And rolling out a cutting-edge fleet of high-speed

trainsets and efficient locomotives

to ensure rail's place in the future

as a cornerstone of clean transportation.

They're exploring access to new communities

so no one's left behind.

and implementing enhanced safety standards

for peace of mind during today's travel

And whatever lies ahead.

At the heart of Amtrak, there's always been, great people, 

people who believe in the power of staying connected

to faraway places, 

to our history, 

to what's next

and to each other.

That's why the future rides with us.

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