Bulli Bai App | What is Root Cause of Radicalisation?

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Bulli Bai App

The Bulli Bai App Case has rocked the entire country. Literally, an app, where women were being auctioned. Pictures of women were being posted online publicly. And in a very degrading way. In efforts to 'Sell' them. You'd think that such a sick act can be of a hardcore criminal, serial rapist, or psychopath. But the real mastermind behind this app was 18-21 engineering students like the ones that live in your neighborhood. This is the level of Radicalisation in our country now. It has ruined an entire generation. 

In today's blog, let's try to understand, what is the real reason that has brainwashed so many people in our country with hate. The first thing you'd ask me is; why am I exaggerating a standalone incident? There are always a few terrible people. That do such sick things. But friends, the problem is that in our country today, this has spread much from than only a few people. And nothing is being done to stop this. Take this Bulli Bai Deals App, There was a Sulli Deals App before this. 

It similarly attacked Muslim women. Apart from this, Telegram, Facebook messenger, Reddit, Discord have many such channels for similar activities. In some places, photos of Hindu women are being shared, Photos of unaware Hindu girls and women, and disgusting messages are directed towards them. A few months ago we saw the case, where the infant daughter of a cricketer was threatened. In fact, the Union Minister of Women and Child Development of our country wasn't spared. A hate-spewing person, Yati Narsingh, has said truly shameful things against Prime Minister Modi and Smriti Irani. "

The women that you see in BJP, if she goes to one politician, she'll have to go to the others as well or else they wouldn't do her work." Other than this, Dharam Sansads are being organized publicly in the country, where they threaten to kill others. Genocidal slogans are raised. Like the Haridwar Dharam Sansad, [Religious Gathering] although these should be called a Faithless Gathering. In August of last year, goons were openly raising slogans on the road, "Muslims will be killed in the name of Ram." Imagina this, Lord Ram who is seen as a symbol of purity, is seen full of affection, they are using his name to raise slogans like terrorists. 

The situation is so bad that every month or two, we get hate speech from some politician or the other. Whether it is Waris Pathan of AIMIM, or Kapil Mishra from BJP, Anurag Thakur, or Parvesh Verma. 

The word Lynchings was rarely heard before 2014, it doesn't mean that there were no lynchings before that, but the lynchings have become so commonplace after 2014, Whether Hindu saints get lynched in Palgarh, or the lynchings of Akhlaq, Pehlu Khan, or Tabrez Ansari. The hatred based on religion has taken over people to such an extent, that we get to see so many murders, like the murder of Ankit Saxena because he wanted to get married to a Muslim woman, or the murder of Chandan Gupta, or the murder of Kamlesh Tiwari, because of hurting so-called 'religious sentiments.

We see shootings. Shooting incidents in Jamia and Shaheen Bagh, all in the open. Think about it friends, the list of these atrocities has gotten so long. We get to see a new case each day. So this Bulli Bai case is not a standalone stray case. If we look at it in the broader sense, radicalization in society is increasing. Journalist Ravish Kumar gave a warning some time ago, "They'll turn your children into goons." And now we see it happening. 

  • Who is behind this Bulli Bai App? 

Shweta Singh. An 18-year-old girl living in Uttarakhand. An engineering student. With her Vishal Kumar Jha, a 21-year-old engineering student. They were promoting this app through some fake accounts, created in the names of Khalsa extremists. It is very clear here that religion was being used to spread hate among people. And a third guy was also named, 21-year-old Mayank Rawal from Uttarakhand. And the latest arrest by the Delhi Police, in this case, is of Neeraj Bishnoi, another 21-year-old, a second-year B.Tech student at Vellore Institute of Technology. 

It isn't surprising because, in the previous such cases that we saw, the shooter at Jamia was a student in the 11th grade. He said that he was going to school, but instead of going to the school, he went to the protest site in Jamia, where he fired a pistol. Before firing, he had posted a message on Facebook, "Shaheen Bagh, Game over." He wasn't a history-sheeter, neither a hardcore criminal nor a gangster. His father Rajendra Sharma runs a small shop. He was shocked to know that his son was shooting bullets at people at the protest site. He said that he had no idea about it. He believed that his son never even got into fights with anyone. We saw the same thing with the Shaheen Bagh shooter Kapil Gujjar. "Was there someone behind his actions? 

We have no idea how he could do this. We have no idea. No one in the family knows." His family was shocked to see how someone from their family could do that. And the person who threatened Virat Kohli's daughter, Ram Nagesh Srinivas, wasn't a hardcore criminal either. Rather a 23-year-old software engineer, a graduate from IIT Hyderabad. The accused people in all these cases, had no personal vendetta, had no background of violence, didn't belong to any criminal families, and nor were uneducated. They were all educated they received a good education and were pursuing engineering. So why then did they commit the crime?

Because they were influenced by an ideology. And this is known as Terrorism. Causing terror on someone simply by being influenced by an ideology. Because of any '-ism', This '-ism' may be a religion, political ideology, economic ideology, or anything at all. Renowned writer Javed Akhtar had written on Twitter, that the 18-year-old girl accused in the Bulli Bai Case, lost both her parents due to cancer and corona respectively. So perhaps she should be forgiven. Many people criticized Mr. Akhtar saying that she is a criminal and should be treated as such.  

         Journalist Rohini Singh wrote that had she lost her parents due to Covid, she would have been furious with the Government over Covid mismanagement. But having lost her parents, she began auctioning women online, how can one become a criminal like this? It's a good question, friends. Why would someone do something heinous like this? I wouldn't say about her being forgiven. But I do believe that we need to have empathy towards that girl. Don't confuse the two. I'm not asking you to sympathize, sympathising with someone means being supportive. But empathy means understanding the other person's perspective. Thinking about why someone did what they did. And in this case, I believe that it is very important that we empathize because here, hatred had been sown that has now turned into a tree of hate. Sweta and Vishal are merely 2 branches of the tree. Arrest them, put them on trial, and even convict them, but cutting off the branches doesn't kill the tree. To cut the tree, we need to go to its roots. What are the roots of this tree of hate? How did these young people become criminals and terrorists without any background? It is of utmost importance that we understand this if we want to stop any more such branches before they develop. Or else, thousands of children will fall victim to this. 8 years ago, in 2014, the Jamia shooter and Sweta Singh would've been children of 10 or 12 years. Think about it, these children, grew up in such an environment where it was very common for politicians to give hate speeches. They grew up watching such television debates where the pliable media would run Hindu-Muslim debates every day. 

It became commonplace to incite people in the name of religion. They grew up watching YouTubers, who objectify women. Who treat women as commodities. And it is presented as comedy. "The winner will get to kiss her on the cheek. What's this scene with a kiss on the cheek? Make it a smooch. Smooch? Give me one minute. Sweety's smooch!!" They grew up at a time when Facebook's algorithm promoted radicalization and gave it a boost. I talked about it in the video on Facebook Papers, if you haven't seen it, I have linked to it in the description. Facebook's whistleblower has exposed several internal documents of Facebook and showed how hatred got a boost not only in India but all over the world. 

But friends the most interesting thing is that even if someone doesn't watch the pliable media on the television, and doesn't use Facebook or social media, even the apps that we use regularly for normal day-to-day activities like WhatsApp was also a platform for these. WhatsApp University as it is known quite infamously nowadays, was used to circulate lies and fake news. And to instill such highly-provocative and hatred-filled ideologies among people. And the effects of such brainwashing can be seen in people from all faiths. Where on one hand Hindu youth like Ram Bhakt Gopal was radicalized, on the other hand, Muslim youth like Adil Ahmad Dar was radicalized. He was a 21-year-old Kashmiri militant, who was the suicide bomber of the Pulwama attack. Like Ram Bhakt Gopal, it was reported that he was very shy and kept to himself. Similar to how Ram Bhakt Gopal thought of himself as a hero before doing what he did, it was the same with Adil. Ram Bhakt Gopal had written on Facebook, to shroud him in Orange for his last rites, and to have slogans of 'Jai Shri Ram' at his funeral. Similarly, in a pre-recorded video of Adil Ahmad in which he was clearly feeling very proud. Telling the other Muslim youth, to join Jihaad instead of falling in love. In such cases, the process of being brainwashed is the same. 


  • Step 1: Whether you are a Hindu or a Muslim. Normally, the personal identity of a person has a lot of factors. Their education, caste, economic class, place of employment, their ideologies, all of these come together to form a person's personal identity. Religion is a part of identity. But these people, place the most importance on their religious identity. So that the rest of your identities cease to be, and you identify yourself only through your religion. This is being done by sending WhatsApp messages. These include repeated phrases such as "We are Hindu", "Hindu unity" "We the Hindus need to Unite" "A true Hindu should be enraged at this." "These Muslims..." Or "We the Muslims." 
  • Step 2: Showing that you're being oppressed. Once your identity has been focused around your religion, you are told of the atrocities against your religion. That there's a threat to you. On WhatsApp messages, you are told gory, provocative details of bloodshed, children being murdered, women being raped, people are being shot to death. Sometimes photos showing bloodshed are also circulated. The photos and videos are not fake in every case. In some cases, sadly they are true. But these are presented to you in such a way, that you think it is happening to your religion only. But the reality is that there are atrocities of every form against every religion. Hindus killed Muslims. Muslims killed Hindus, someone carried on the genocide of Jews, Muslims killed Christians, Christians killed Muslims. Actually, because of religious bigotry, over the last 500-1,000 years in the world, millions of lives were lost. So when you are shown these messages on WhatsApp, of 'think of what was done to Hindu women in 1921 Moplah riots,' It is true, that in the peasant uprising, there were elements of anti-Hindu riots as well but the 2002 Godhra Riots are equally true. The 1984 Hindu-Sikh Riots are equally true. In 1990, Kashmiri Pandits were attacked and they had to flee Kashmir, In 1999, the Hindutva group Bajrang Dal had lighted Christian missionary Graham and his 2 young sons on fire and killed them. All of these are equally true. After the 9/11 attacks, Osama bin Laden had written an open letter to America telling them of the atrocities against the people of Palestine, Lebanon, Somalia, and America's involvement in the atrocious acts. All true. Chandan Gupta's murder is also true as Ram Bhakt Gopal had talked about.
  • Step 3: We are still in Danger. Not only were there atrocities in the past, but that there is a present threat also. "Wake up or it'll be the end of us." "You should be furious at this." Unlike Step 2 that contained some truth, Step 3 is always a lie. Here, you are inundated with complete fake news. To show you a threat to your religion. And 
  • Step 4 is the call to action for you to become the hero. This is the final step. It is an emotional appeal. Or a religious appeal. Telling you that it is the time for you to become the hero to protect the people of your faith. To arm yourself. Do you know what is the most interesting thing, friends? The victims of all the brainwashing here are the common people. You wouldn't see the children of these politicians falling victim to this brainwashing. Anurag Thakur, Kapil Mishra, and Pravesh Sharma, their children don't become rioters. In fact, there was an interesting tweet by a Congress worker showing that Goyal's son is studying at Harvard, Javedkar's son at Boston, Rajnath's son in Leads University, Nirmala's daughter in NW University, RS Prasad's son in Cornell, and Amit Shah's son in BCCI. Where on one hand Vishal Jha, Shweta Singh, and Mayank Rawal will spend many years in jail, accused of spreading hatred, but the politicians at the top, who do nothing to stop this hatred, or who are the ones to spread this hatred in the first place, their children will not be in harm's way. Their lives are set. It is the common people who become the rioters and the victims of these rioters. The people that are brainwashed are 100% convinced of their mission. They wholeheartedly believe that what they are doing is absolutely right. They are the heroes in their stories. That's how someone is willing to die to destroy their careers and their lives, by falling victim to this ideology. But had they wanted, they could have done something good with their lives. Learning new hobbies in their free time, working on their career, working on new business ideas. Or joining an NGO and bringing positive change in society. But the environment around them was so full of hatred, that these good deeds weren't the priority for them. They were so brainwashed that these are the heinous deeds that they wanted to do. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised, if some of the people reading this post, some Hindus, and some Muslims would read this post and say, What did they do wrong? What if we are being attacked, taking revenge is justified. Can we not even defend ourselves? If that's how you think, I'd say that somewhere or the other you are also influenced by the hateful ideology. My answer to this is No

This is not the way to defend yourself. This whole campaign of "We the Hindus versus Them the Muslims", or "We the Muslims versus Them the Hindus" is logically flawed. What do you get out of attacking a random person? Ram Bhakt Gopal's bullet hit Jamia student Shadab Farooq. Yes, Chandan Gupta and Kamlesh Tiwari were killed, but what was Shadab Farooq's fault? He wasn't the one to kill them. Similarly, Adil Ahmad's suicide bomb killed 40 soldiers of CRPF. What was the soldiers' fault? Or take the latest example. The accused, Shweta, Vishal, Mayank, and Niraj, must have heard about the case of Ankit Saxena, where some Muslims murdered Ankit Saxena. But Najeeb's 65-year-old mother, had she killed Ankit Saxena? No. So why did they use the photo of Najeeb's mother on this Bulli App? It's the same thing for all the women whose photo's were auctioned here. How were they related to the original incident? These things are done with the aim of revenge. And as Gandhi had said, When there is a revenge attack, there is another revenge attack in its response, and then another responding to that. There is no end to radicalization. Incidents such as these keep promoting radicalization in society. The fear keeps on increasing. Ankit Saxena's father was a person who didn't allow himself to be consumed by this communal hatred and this feeling of revenge. 

When he realized that some people were using his son's photo, to incite more hate in the country, he appealed against it. He said that the murderers of his sons were some specific Muslims, who have been arrested by the police. The law is taking its course. But Ankit's death should not be used to spread communal hatred. In fact, he founded an organization, to support inter-faith marriages. But the people whose job is to spread hatred, are still using Ankit Saxena's death to spread hatred. People like Kangana Ranaut and Arnab Goswami spread hatred using the Palgarh lynching case as an example. Whereas there was no communal angle in it. The same thing was done in the case of Dr. Narang. after the investigation, Additional DCP Monika Bhardwaj had said that in this case of Dr. Narang, a fight had broken out, where there were 9 accused people, of whom 5 were Hindus. So there was no communal angle. The solution to all of these is very simple. The law and order need to be strictly implemented here. Wherever there is someone spewing hate speech, strict action should be taken against them. Whether it is on Twitter, Facebook, or WhatsApp. Anyone forwarding content spreading hatred, police should take action against them. And the police should work in an unbiased and neutral manner. The problem is that the police dance to the tune of the politicians. And when it is the politicians that spew hate, when they honor the lynching accused, how can the police take action in such cases? 

Our politicians and government benefit the most out of it. By using the principle of Divide and Rule and instilling hatred among people, they take political advantage of this. They want people to be brainwashed by religion so that they vote for them in the name of religion. And to stop such hate, you need to stop this first. Don't vote merely on religion. So that they are forced to actually practice the "Everyone Growing Together" politics. Not much can be expected from the police because they play puppets at the hands of the politicians, but you can look after your family at least. Look after the young family members. See that they do not fall victim to this brainwashing. What are the things influencing them? Share this blog with your family members and friends, so that they can see the truth as well. And remember, it isn't about 'Hindus versus Muslims' the real fight is between the communal hate mongers and the common public. Ask yourself, which side you are on?


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