Carryminati, Munawar Faruqui and Kunal Kamra Controversy Hinduphobia in Comedy

 Hello, friends!

Recently, the shows of some comedians got canceled

labeling them to be 'Hinduphobic.'

That their jokes insult the Hindu religion.

First, Munawar Faruqui,

then Kunal Kamra

and then recently, Carryminati had published a new post on YouTube,

it had a clip

for which some people have started threatening Carryminati.

Saying that they'll take legal actions.

Because that clip 'insults Hindu religion.'

In today's post,

come let's see the truth behind this Hinduphobia, friends.

"In a controversial decision,

the Bengaluru police have asked

the Good Shepherd Auditorium,

to cancel comedian Munawar Faruqui's stand up show

in light of threats from the Hindu vigilante groups.

To which he says,

"Hatred won, the artist lost."

"After Munawar Faruqui, stand-up comedian Kunal Kamra,

on Twitter to announce that his forthcoming show

in Bengaluru, has been canceled."

"Is this the India that we want?

Where comedians cannot perform anymore

because they are threatened."

The first issue here

is of Law and Order.

Imagine a girl goes to the police station to complain

that since she works night shifts,

she goes to the office late at night.

But when she passes a certain road,

some men eve-tease her.

In this case, what should the police do?

Obviously, the men who eve-tease her

should be arrested.

But the Twitter accounts that consider themselves to be the protectors of the religion,

threatened to file a criminal complaint against Carryminati,

unless he removed the content and

apologized for it.

Interestingly friends,

the people outraging in the name of Hinduphobia and issuing threats,

are so selective that you won't believe it.

These people use slogans such as

'Har Har Modi'

A slogan inspired by the Har Har Mahadev slogan for Lord Shiva.

Using a religious slogan,

and twisting it to create a slogan for a politician,

is it not an insult to the Hindu religion?

Kunal Kamra had shared a joke once

in it, Hanuman rips his chest to show Lord Ram and Sita in his heart,

and when these people say that they can rip their chests

to show that Modi and Yogi Adityanath reside in their hearts,

is it not an insult to the Hindu religion?

We know that Hanuman is seen as a symbol of devotion, calmness, cheerfulness.

In the entire Ramayan, Hanuman is never angry.

But a painter makes a portrait of angry Hanuman.

Is it not an insult to the Hindu religion?

If you pay some attention to these things,

you will start realising it too.

Thank you very much!

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