Impact of Covid 19 on youth of country

 How COVID impacted the future of youth!!

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It has been two years since this pandemic had started and still its effects has't reduced. For the last two years, we all have suffered its extreme effects and we all are still suffering. It's a fact that we all have suffered but one of the most prominent sections of society that suffered was the youngsters or what we call “youth of a country”. This pandemic distraught youngsters mentally, socially, financially, emotionally, and most important it deprived the youth of enjoying the best part of their life the best moments of their life. These young persons are the future of any country so this pandemic not only destroyed the future of youngsters but wholly destroyed the future of a country. I know that all these things sound harsh but that's the truth

Impact of Covid 19 on youth of country

Most of the youngsters who lost their jobs in this pandemic got no compensation or guarantee of getting their job back which leads to a mass social depression among youngsters. In most developed countries such as America, France, Italy, etc. many riots and strikes took place that proves that there was an extremely negative impact on the minds of youngsters that is obviously not a good thing.

In these youngsters, there is a particular community that we call  STUDENTS we almost forgot to talk about their condition which is obviously not so good. This pandemic was worst for them. Almost every school and college were closed and only online teaching methods were there. Most of the students was having zero experience of this teaching method and lack of proper planning for students created chaos among students. No exams were there, not even a suitable plan for promoting students many undeserving candidates got promoted and that was quite distraught. I know that slowly the conditions will improve but the things that these students lose can't be rectified.

So far whatever I have stated here may sound fictional but for instance, let's jump upon facts and see how brutal this pandemic was for the working population of a country.

In India, the Unemployment rate in urban areas rose to 20.9% during the April-June quarter of 2020

In the USA, In April 2020, the unemployment rate reached 14.8%—the highest rate observed since data collection began in 1948. In July 2021, unemployment remained higher (5.4%) than it had been in February 2020 (3.5%).

In India, For the states, the total loss due to COVID-19 is estimated at 13.5% of the total gross state domestic product

The global illiteracy rate increased to 6.34% during this COVID era.

Now that was some extremely shocking facts that show how harsh was this pandemic for the global economy and that shows how it leads to large-scale unemployment and global illiteracy.

I know that situation was harsh for everyone but as the youngsters are future of a country the government must take initiative at a global scale. Boosting employment will help countries to improve rapidly from this extremely dark era. Hoping for a better future.

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