STOP Doing These 3 Workout Mistakes!

The most Frustrating part of exercising is not seeing any results from all of your hard work the reason for that could be some pretty big workout mistakes that are sabotaging your success here are three of the most common workout mistakes you probably make you can do to fix them.


1. Being inconsistent: 
people are from hop
from one workout to another and want to
try every routine and every exercise out
course I can understand the
temptation it's more fun to change
things try different routines and get a
a lot of variety but if you want the best
results you have to follow a proper
routine and stick to it for a while
consistency is always the best choice if
you aim for the best results how long
you have to follow a specific routine
depends on your experience and your


In General:, we suggest sticking to a routine for about 4 to 6 weeks before you switch to another one of course this doesn't mean that you can't change any details at all it's still possible to increase the weight to change the progression of an exercise or even to change the complete exercise a little bit as long as they train the same muscles or benefit the same goal here's 

You want to train your chest and the routine includes push-ups now if your body is already used to doing regular push-ups and you finished other routines which included them you can change the basic variation in different ways without hopping to a completely different exercise instead of normal push-ups you could try one of the following first ring push-ups the movement is still the same but the Rings can move in different directions so you add adduction and rotation and with that target your chest optimally 

2. Bend Resisted Push-ups

here you simply create additional and

progressive resistance through the band

3. Surf Backpack Push-ups

like with the

bandit push-ups you create additional

resistance but this time steadily over

the complete range of motion

4. Deep Push-ups 

here you increase

the range of motion and with that make

it harder 

5. Side-to-side push-ups

here you adjust the standard push-up by

shifting your weight more to one side

this makes the exercise harder because

as a result of the long lever the

extended arm can create the same

strength what you shouldn't do is to

change the push up to a sphinx or a Pike

pushup the Sphinx push-up is a totally total triceps

dominant movement while the pike push-up

is a more shoulder dominant exercise in

both cases you wouldn't hit your chest

in the same way as in the examples

explained before for beginners we still suggest changing nearly nothing and sticking to your current routine if you have no or only little totally total experience you have to learn the proper technique first this is really important because without the right technique you will reduce your gains or damage your joints ligaments and tendons in the long term 


also don't need that much variation your

body already has enough to do to adapt

to the exercises of the routine because

it's simply not used to this kind of


Other mistake is not sticking to proper rest times we know that it can be boring to rest three to four minutes between each set and that most people like to do short and intense workout sessions the problem with that is that not all goals are compatible with this kind of training if you just want to get basically fit or do something for your body in general it's okay to train like that but if you have specific goals like learning a certain skill-building muscle mass or increasing your strength to the max  you have to stick to the proper rest times for this kind of goal if you work with hard exercises in the lower rep range longer rest times are a must with the correct rest time you are able to stick to the right rep range and also very important you maintain your concentration much better to execute the hard exercises with the proper form if you choose the too short rest period you're not going to be able to perform as many reps as you would be able to do after a long rest of course you can and should also, implement phases in which you work with shorter rest times and easier exercises in the higher rep range this gives your joints tendons and ligaments a break from the harder exercises and also increases the capillaries action of your muscles 

a preparation or strength

endurance phase are perfect examples of

how you can implement this kind of

training into your schedule

The other extreme is resting too long if you're resting too long you create only little metabolic stress and this is one factor for muscle growth on the other hand it's totally fine and even necessary to work with longer rest times if your main goal is to max strength that is usually required in sports in which you do very hard exercises or lift heavyweights 

The last mistake is static

stretching before working out mobility

work improves your active range of

motion and with that enhances your

performance long and extreme isometric

passive stretches on the other hand

increase your passive range of motion

because of less muscle tension less

muscle tension means less strength

output and less stability here's an

Example :

let's say you want to train yourchest if you now do long-lasting passivestretches for this muscle group rightbefore the workout, you will lower themuscle tone significantlythis can decrease your performance whenit comes to bench pressing or any otherexercise for this muscle groupstretching can also increase the risk ofinjuries because you can't properlystabilize the passive range of motionyou have reached during the stretch sodon't do long-lasting passive stretchesfor the same muscles, you are about totrain for strength this also means thatit's possible to stretch other musclesif you need the flexibility to performbetter a pike walk is a good example themain strength in this movement comesfrom your shoulders and apps but passivestretches in your hamstrings help you tomove your legs closer to your upper body you should also consider the difference between a short and a long-lasting passive stretch again we take the Pike walk as an example you can do a downward dog to increase your range of motion for the end position of the pike walk but we don't recommend a long less than the way that stretch in which you heavily increase the range of motion this lowers the muscle tension too much and will set the necessary shoulder stability you need in this position when it comes to passive stretching after the workout you should know that there is no evidence for a positive effect on muscle recovery so only included if you're specific flexibility goals you want to achieve instead of long-lasting passive structures 


we recommend mobility

training or a mix between mobility and

short passive stretches as a cool-down

activity easy mobility exercises are

great as a cool-down because they help

your muscles to relax and keep the blood

circulation up

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