How to Start Guest Blogging When You Are Completely Unknown?

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If you're curious about guest posting but aren't sure how to get started. Then this article is a useful resource for you. Find out how guest posting is beneficial to your business, or brand. In this article, I am covering here these topics of guest posting.

An explanation of guest posting?

Advantages of guest posting?

Steps for a guest posting strategy

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Guest Post

Guest posting allows one to contribute information to another website or blog. This strategy can also be referred to as guest blogging or posting.

With guest posting, a writer takes on the role of a contributor or guest writer and provides the content to the publisher. The writer provides the content to a website that is not theirs.

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What are the advantages of Guest Blogging?

Guest posting benefits both publishers and authors. Guest posting is an effective marketing strategy due to its symbiotic nature. The content should be fresh, relevant, useful, and engaging. Publishers get new content that their readers will enjoy reading.

There are several advantages to guest blogging or posting.

Promotes brand awareness?

Increases the authority of a website?

Creates relationships?

Expands the audience?

Brings traffic to their website?

Creates backlinks that improve SEO?

Growth of their email database?

Increases social media presence

Step 1: Identify Your Guest Posting Objectives

For success, define Your Guest Posting Goals. There should be several Objectives for a guest post. Here I am discussing one by one.

To boost brand awareness?

Promote your products and services?

Explain how they can be of benefit. ?

Improve online visibility. ?

Growth SEO.?

Improve website authority?

Boost traffic?

Generate leads. If you know what you are aiming to achieve in your guest post, then you will be able to identify the most suitable guest blogging opportunities.

Step 2: Find guest posting opportunities

If you're not sure where to find guest posting sites, you can utilize these three strategies.

Search for websites relevant to your audience

Start by looking for websites that will attract your target audience. Check out Alexa's Audience Interest Tool to learn what your audience wants and what sites they visit most frequently.

Look for similar sites

When you know which websites your audience visits most often,

you can utilize Alexa’s Audience Overlap Tool?

Step 3: Find out your competitor's post

One way to find guest posting websites is to see which websites link to your competitor's website. When a site links to your competitor's site, it means they will probably link to your website as well. To find competitor backlinks, enter your competitor's URLs into Alexa’s Competitor Backlink Checker. Then the report shows which sites are already linking to the competitors.

Step 4: Find well-authorized guest posting sites

You should find blogs that allow guest posts while also being appropriate for your goals and strategy for content marketing. Behavioral Tech solutions are the leading content marketing services agency in Bangladesh that offers premium content to published high authorities websites (DA 50+, PA 50+) to rank your blog on top of their search results.

For guest posting you have to see a website:?

Have a target audience. ?

Determine the size of your audience that you hope to reach. ?

With the right amount of traffic. ?

Be ensure an authority website?

Step 5: Think of blog topics

When you find a site that meets your criteria, it's time to come up with blog ideas. Come up with a few ideas of posts that will help you achieve your goals and also meet the wants of the publisher and readers.

Step 6:Ensure it is relevant for their readers

Consider your readers when choosing topics relevant to them or not. As a reminder, you can make use of the Audience Interest Tool to determine popular topics on your site.

Step 7: Prepare a Guest Posting pitch

It's not as easy as submitting a guest blog post and then the publisher will publish it on their website. Before your post publishing, you need to grab the publisher's attention by writing a pitch.

To create a guest post pitch that will be noticed? Make sure you know who to contact. ? Review the guest posting policy. ? Write an engaging subject line. ? Avoid promotional language. ? Focus on the benefits of visitors. ? Include proof of your quality and value.

Step 8: Create a Post That's Valuable for Sharing

Submit a guest post following these guidelines. ? Guest posting guidelines and editorial standards Do not overpromote. ? Add value for readers? Proofread your post again and again? Include a link to an article on your website at the end. Write a short bio about the author.

Step 9: Follow Up

To build a good relationship with your publisher, be sure to follow up. You can help promote and manage posts. ? Your post needs to be shared on social media. ? Reply to comments. ? Link to it from your website.

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