All Hidden Achievements PUBG Mobile & BGMI

All Hidden Achievements PUBG Mobile & BGMI, Easy way to Complete


Today We are Talking about seven PUBG Mobile Hidden Achievements.  Now some of you might not be sure what are hidden achievements well as name suggests these achievements are not shown in the achievements tab unless you complete them so they are kind of hard to keep track of out of seven I have managed to complete three 

 let's talk about all these seven hidden achievements one by one 


#1 Poor Connection

In this achievement we have to complete 50 matches in which teammates are disconnected now it's up to you if you ask you friends to go offline for your achievement or it happens by chance in my case it happened by chance 


#2 Who Hid Me

In this achievement you have to get killed while you are on parachute, I completed it in livid here is how you can complete it play livid map and jump outside the map to the blue zone and open parachute as soon as the parachute option appears when you are in the play zone you will start taking damage and eventually get knocked or killed if you are playing solo

#3 Rubbish Picker

In this hidden achievement you have to pick up 20 attachments in your backpack and die with it if you play livid you can find ton of SMG attachments you can really complete this achievement in one match 


#4 Are we Teammates

For completing this pubg mobile hidden achievement, you have to get killed by your teammate in 20 matches if you wish both you and your friend can complete it at the same time all you have to do is land somewhere safe and find two grenades one for you and other for your friend now stay at a distance and throw grenades at each other at the same time Repeat this 20 times and both of you will get this hidden achievement 


#5 I am so unlucky

In this achievement you have to damage more than 10 enemies without killing them tip for this achievement is that play with a good player and use a gun which deals less damage so you don't accidentally kill an enemy 


EASY WAY: stay far from enemies and use sniper, only body shot [NO-HEAD]{codeBox}


#6 Well of steel

For this hidden Achievement you have to heal 1800 damage in single match a great opportunity as flora menace map where your damage is auto healed when you are in those green circles blow up the gas can or jump from higher places to get damage and your damage will be auto healed 


NOTE: To complete this achievement we have to   lose 1800 health points in a single match and you get the reward of 30 achievement   points with one classic crate coupon for completing the will of steel mission.{codeBox}



find some guns, health recovering items, a gas can, a helmet, and a vest for safety.  now, go inside this green circle and exit from the moving vehicle when its   speed is above 70 kilometres per hour.  you will lose around 90 health points   and this circle will heal you 100 within 16 seconds.   when your health bar is full, drive again and jump when speed reaches above 70 kilometres per hour. you need to repeat this process above 20 times to lose in 1800 health be sure you can keep it repeating as much as you can{codeBox} 

#7 Reap what you sow

In This Achievement you have to die from your own grenade for about 50 times you can complete a solo duo or squad but you have to die from grenade so if you playing in door squad then just turn off the auto matching.

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