BGMI/PUBG Lite Pre-Registration, Early Access, Updates

BGMI/PUBG lite pre-registration, early access, updates

BGMI/PUBG Lite Pre-Registration, Early Access, Updates


Krafton created another Battle Royale game called PUBG Mobile, which also has a lighter version called PUBG Mobile Lite. Almost all mid-range and low-end smartphones in the country [India only] could play the game. As a result, BGMI Lite is also expected to arrive soon for more information. Krafton will soon release BGMI Lite for users with low-configuration mobile devices, according to recent reports. However, no official confirmations of the BGMI Lite release date or any official website have been made available. Krafton India should provide more information on this soon.


BGMI/PUBG Lite Pre-Registration, Early Access, Updates

BGMI Lite Release Date 

For Android users, BGMI has already been released on the Google Play Store. Now that BGMI has been released and everything is in place, gamers are eager to learn when and how BGMI Lite will be released.

Many people are looking forward to PUBG Mobile's comeback to India as "Battlegrounds Mobile India." However, Krafton had dropped a hint about the BGMI Lite release date.

Because no formal announcement has been made regarding the game's launch, pre-registration has not yet begun or there are no issues. However, pre-registrations for Battlegrounds Mobile India Lite may begin in the near future.

As a result, here's all you need to know about BGMI Lite and its features.

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BGMI Lite for Android Version APK

Name of Article 

BGMI Lite 

Name of Game 

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) 

Game Developer 

Krafton Corporation, South Korea 

BGMI Android Launched Date 

17 June 2021 (Early Access) 

Andriod Official Release 

2nd July 2021 (Full Version) 

BGMI Lite Release Date 

Available Soon 

BGMI iOS Launched Date 

Available Soon 

BGMI for Windows 11 Launched Date 

Available Soon 

Game Category 

Battle Royale 

Launched Country 


Official Website 

BGMI Lite Pre-Registration & Early Access 

When BGMI Lite is released in beta, pre-registration will be available on the Google Play Store. BGMI Lite Early Access will be offered to a limited number of users at first. However, there is still no word on the release date or timeline for BGMI Lite.

The release of a lighter version of the game has received several requests from users. However, the game's publisher, Krafton, has made no mention of a BGMI Lite edition. Birds who pre-register for BGMI Lite will receive a welcome bonus (boxes and coins) once it is ready. The game features of BGMI Lite are identical to those of the full game, but the gameplay is smoother and error-free. The sole disadvantage will be the absence of high-quality visuals, which is a good thing because low-spec phones would struggle to function smoothly otherwise.



After Pubg Mobile was banned in India, Krafton will relaunch it under a new brand. Pubg Mobile was prohibited in September, and Krafton, Battleground Mobile India, will be released in India.

Battlegrounds Mobile India Early Access will begin on June 17, 2021, according to Krafton. Players can join up as programme testers and gain access to the beta version of the game on the Google Play Store.

Kraton Developer Corporation released Battle Grounds Mobile India (BGMI) for the Android platform on July 2, 2021. We provide instructions on how to get BGMI Lite from the Google Play Store.

Krafton has not started pre-registration for Battleground Mobile India Lite at this time. If you wish to utilise BGMI Lite on your computer,Pre-registration for BGMI Lite is required.

The information below will be updated as needed. You may get Battleground Mobile India Lite APK from Google Play Store using the information provided below. 

Minimum system requirements for BGMI Lite

Even with minimum system requirements, Battlegrounds Mobile India provides a full battle royale experience. As a result, there is a chance that BGMI Lite will be released in the future. Battlegrounds Mobile India would require Android 5.1.1 or higher and at least 2GB of RAM, according to the developers.

1. The BGMI Lite download is 379 MB in size.

2. The aesthetics in Battlegrounds Mobile India have been considerably improved.

3. Allows high-end phones to use maximum UHD graphics at 90 frames per second.

4. The Royal Pass will be delivered in one month, with a new season starting every three months.

5. Reduced sensitivity settings from 400 to 300

6. There are two classic maps and two arcade maps.

How To Download BGMI Lite APK? 

1. Go to the Google Play Store and download the APK version of BGMI Lite.

2. Once the app has launched, go to the Play Store and search for the BGMI Lite app.

3. Choose the BGMI Lite application to download and install.

4. You will receive a beta version of the game if you have already registered for BGMI Lite.

5. Open the APK file for the BGMI Lite app that you downloaded.

6. Now, using the scroll buttons below, scroll down and click on "You are a beta tester," as displayed.

7. Now you may get the final version by clicking the download button.


BGMI Lite Official Download Link

BGMI lite will be a simplified version of BGMI that uses the same gameplay concepts and approaches. Although the aesthetics, audio quality, terrain, and lobby sizes are all different. The BGMI light is designed specifically for players with low-end devices to give them a true battle royale experience. low-end hardware

Battlegrounds Mobile India is now available on the Google Play Store for Android handsets. It can be downloaded through the appropriate Play Store or by following the link. Logging into the game can also earn players thrilling rewards.

There has yet to be an official announcement about the BGMI Lite pre-registration date. The Krafton India company may announce pre-registration for BGMI lite soon.

BGMI and PUBG Mobile Lite Comparision 

Name of Game 

Minimum system requirements 

Battlegrounds Mobile India 

Operating System: Android 5.1.1 or above
RAM – 2 GB (Recommended 3 GB)
Processor: Snapdragon 600 equivalent or above
Download size: 721 MB (varies on device) 

PUBG Mobile Lite 

Download Size – 575 MB
Operating System – Android 4.1
RAM – 1 GB (Recommended – 2 GB)
Processor – Qualcomm Processor
Gameplay mechanism 

The Official Game Developer, Krafton, and other related websites have not released any information about the BGMI Lite development. As of now, we are unlikely to see the release of this sport within ourselves. To be informed of any replacements at the BGMI Lite Release date, you should follow Krafton on Twitter or Facebook.


Can we use config file in Bgmi?

Yes we can use BGMI config but at our own risk{codebox}


Is config file is safe for Bgmi?

No, Not All BGMI config are not safe, use BGMI config at Your Own Risk Try to use updated config to prevent BAN from BGMI{codebox}

How to get chicken dinner in Bgmi?

To get chicken dinner play safe in safe zone and take fight when neccesary{codebox}

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