Overview: New Core Circle Game mode EVA-01

BGMI 2.0 update: New Core Circle Game mode including Evangelion's 6th angel and EVA-01, as well as more supply crates and Rewards

Finally, Krafton introduces official Livik, Core Circle mode, and other BGMI features.

New Core Circle game mode with Evangelion's

The new 'Core Circle' game option is now available on the bgmi Version 2.0 Livik and Erangel maps. In Erangel from May 19th until June 19th, players can watch EVA-01 take on EVANGELION's 6th Angel in a special event. This option is only available for 30 days [1 month].

As part of the new Version 2.0 Update, BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA (BGMI) has introduced a new limited-time game mode inspired by the renowned and acclaimed anime series EVANGELION pitting players against its deadly Angel.

Livik and Erangel will get the new 'Core Circle' game mode. In Erangel from May 19th until June 19th, players can watch EVA-01 take on EVANGELION's 6th Angel in a special event.

BGMI Circle Mode Theme

The main mode of BGMI is evangelion. Players will begin each battle in a special smaller Blue Zone, where they will witness the 6th Angel appear on Spawn Island and fire a strong laser. The activity can be followed by looking for EVA-01's spawn place on the mini-map and following the Angel's deadly course ahead.

Fortresses will open fire on the Angel to defend the island until it unleashes its full force on them. After the strongholds have been demolished, players can scavenge through the wreckage for better supplies and alter the structure of the fortress walls to suit their own battle strategies.

Why did BGMI add core Mode 

So that players can prepare for an exciting month of gameplay as the South Korean game developer marks the first anniversary of BGMI this month.

Furthermore, the update includes a number of control improvements, including improved haptic feedback and lots more

BGMI is only available in India on the Play Store and App Store.

Recommended: BGMI/PUBG Mobile Config File Download [60 FPS, 90 FPS] BGMI [Anti-Ban] [Anti-Lag]{codeBox}

Game-Changing Features in BGMI V2.0 Core Mode

Major Keypoints

1. In the official Livik Map, players can engage in fights like never before.

2. New thematic sections,

3. An all-terrain utility vehicle

4. A slew of new XT weapons have been released.

5. As they face difficult terrain, players must combine tactics and techniques.

6. With the introduction of new advanced supply zones

7. Players can search among a variety of crates for supplies to last them till the finish of the game.

8. With the feature of emergency pickup,

9. When players in Erangel and Miramar find themselves outside of the play zone, they can request an emergency pickup, which will return them to the centre of the play zone.

10. With the help of the Revival Tower, gamers can also bring back fallen teammates.

NOTE:Players can score goals on the newly added soccer pitch to gain extra goods as they navigate treasure maps to reach rare supplies and travel from place to place utilising an all-new zipline.{codeBox}

The Core Circle mode, which is inspired on Japanese folk entertainment Evangelion, offers players new skins, awards, and progress-based incentives. Erangel and Livik both have the new mode mechanism, and Erangel also has fascinating bouts between EVA-01 and Evangelion's 6th Angel to see. Players can access the theme through in-game discovery events, and those who participate after May 14th will earn additional progress benefits.

What Upgrade and changes in Core Mode Review:

In addition, the upgrade includes Some of the most important controls enhancements are:

Sponsor match feature support, such as the addition of a button to spectator mode to promote an even more engaging gameplay.


    BGMI new update 

The 1.6.0 Update is coming this September!

    BGMI launch date in india

2nd July 2021

    How do I download battleground mobile?

You can download battleground mobile india from Playstore as well as app-store Officially

    Is Battleground Mobile India available on Play Store?

Battleground Mobile India is Available on Play Store since 2021

    Where can I download PUBG PC?

Yes, You can Download PUBG PC on Stream Officially.

    Can you play battlegrounds on mobile?

Yes, we can play Battlegrounds mobile india from mobile Which is Available on Play-Store and App-Store    

   PUBG mobile full form name

Player's Unknown Battlegrounds

    BGMI full Form

Battlegrounds Mobile India

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