Unlimited Health Config File For BGMI New Update

Unlimited Health Config File for BGMI New Update

Unlimited Health config file: Friends, if you play’s BGMI a lot, then you have seen that you got killed very quickly, and your enemies not very quickly or you think health is one after another. Don’t You want Unlimited Health? 
Let Me Tell You Unlimited Health Config File New Update For BGMI Just Read You Article Completely. 
Friends, I get upset seeing many times that people play pubg mobile so well. That they us with 1-2 bullets and go away when we land, then we do not know where the enemy is or he goes away with a single shot taking all our health in seconds. Because of this thing, we stop playing sports many times.

Unlimited Health Config File for BGMI New Update

But if you apply BGMI Unlimited Health config file then you really won't get killed because there is unlimited health inside it game health keeps getting automatic whenever you damage. So as soon as your health ends so that you stay alive in the match or you can have chicken dinner in it, then you must use this config file.

Do You Know About BGMI Game

Friends, now let's talk about what is BGMI game, I want to tell you that this is an online game which has many more maps or it and 100 players can play the game together at a time or map as well as it is more It is big if you talk about it as a map, then there is a big map inside it or there is also a small map such as Livik or kraken. 
        But if you play rank match then you will have to play classic match because in short map like free fire there is not a map with any rank system but there is a lot of Map in it and rank map also i.e. when you are in the game. You do not feel slightly bored 

In this game all will get a lot of characters as well as outfit in this you will also get a lot of dress outfits but gun's skin doesn't have any tray ability but some gun is like it's like it gets is M416 AKM. You also get a lot of enemy bots or a lot of health kit in single match. 

        Friends, inside this game you get to see a lot of gun skin, or a lot of outfits, but to buy all of these you must have UC config, then you can buy. Otherwise you will have too much or I want to tell you that there is always new new out-fit or gun skin which you can take out.

What is Unlimited Health Config File?

Now let's talk about what is unlimited health config file, so I want to tell you that there is a script file which is created with the help of some gaming developers or code is added to it so that you never end your health or I need to tell you I made this it anti-ban so that your ID is safe, these small changes are beneficial for us.
Just look when you start playing match with your friends your health goes a lot if you get shot a little this causes you get knocked then finished. In these situation BGMI 60FPS Config file Plays an important Role for game boosting. 
        That's why some people must be thinking that why not there is such way so that you do not suffer any loss, that is, even if you have suffered damage, then your health may not work much or if the health becomes automatic again, then this is the configured date and you have to do it. After that your work will be done here, do not take any care of any journey.

Features Of This Config File

Now let's talk about the config file, I am going to get you done, that is, I have got the config file, what features you will get when you apply, there are many other things which I will tell you further but the best thing is that your ID does’t get ban and there is an anti-ban config file inside it which is just paid config but also available for trail after following its proper terms and condition to use.
        For me, I want to tell you that this config file is paid but it is absolutely free for you, then it is a good thing but you don’t have to give the config file to anyone, if anyone wants to take it, then send the link of this article. So that everyone benefits or I want to tell you that there are such features inside it which everyone wants to use. So come how to apply BGMI Unlimited Health Config File New Update Step-By-Step

  1. Unlimited Health 
  2. Unlimited Drink Energy 
  3. Unlimited Damage Protected
  4. Password Protected
  5. Anti-BAN
  6. High Damage
  7. Long Range Kill

Unlimited Health Config File For BGMI New Update

Friends, now let's talk about how to apply BGMI Unlimited Health config file, for this  you have to follow these step carefully as it also has a password, so read this article carefully, you will go a lot or it will help me if you make a mistake. The game will crash or you will have to come again how to apply unlimited config file in BGMI.

Download Unlimited Health Config

First of all you have to download Unlimited Health config or I want to tell you that to download the file you have to click on the above link. Or clicking the download button somewhere in this 

Downloading Z-Archiver App

Friends, now let's talk about how to download the Z-Archiver app, then you have 2 options to download it, first you go to playstore and download it or the second option is to click here to download Z-Archover from third parties websites. 
        Note: you can also use your device file manager to do so. But default file explorer does’t work in Android 10+

Unlimited Health Config File for BGMI New Update 2.0

Extract your config file

Now you have both the things, then first of all you have to open the application i.e. you have to open the zarchiver app, it is bad where you have downloaded the file, you have to extract it the way you would have seen in the picture.

Paste Your Config File

Now you must have got a file i.e. as you would have extracted, you must have got a file, to copy or cut the file, it is your choice or paste at location Internal Storage/Android/Data/com.pubgmobile/Files/UIE Game/ShadowtrackerExtra/Saved.                 Keep in mind that use the location that you have been told, you should follow carefully because if you paste in any other file then this config file will not work.

Location: Internal Storage/Android/Data/com.pubgmobile/Files/UIE Game/ShadowtrackerExtra/Saved  //*Paste Here

Now it’s time to take Enjoy of Config

Friends, as soon as you paste the file, after that your config file is successfully applied, after that you have to open the game or play a match or you have to suffer damage from the enemy, you will see that your health or you are’t killed by any of the enemy quickly which is very good thing.

Advantage Of Unlimited Health Config File

Now let's talk about the benefit of config that had applied, when you apply the config file, you have got a lot of benefit and you get a lot. Unlimited everything is available then you can imagine how good it is for you. Some of them are: 

  • Unlimited Health 
  • Unlimited Drink Energy 
  • Unlimited Damage Protected 
  • Password Protected 
  • Anti-BAN 
  • High Damage Long Range Kill 
  • 90 FPS Config File

Friends, when you rank push in BGMI, then you will see its benefit at that time, how important is the thing or it is used by many people because it does’t let your I’D Ban or it has got many benefits, there are many people who are using them on daily basis.

This File Safe or Not?

Now a question will definitely come in your mind whether this config file should be applied or not, I should tell you that you must use it because I think you are very behind in using config files because all BGMI rank pushers are using these methods to rank in globe believe me or not it does’t give you ban. I am saying this because I am also a rank pusher #1 in almost 3 seasons. Even if you face any problem comment below.
            My friends this config file is paid but free for you many peoples use this config file then you can think that how important it is for you also it has a lot of benefits because it is a config file from an Anti-ban System. It happens but if you are afraid then do not use it, you will not have any problem
Password: bgmiconfig 
Config File: uploading soon 
        Note: due BGMI new update config is updating


So friends, I had tried my best to explain how to use this config file, it’s uses, it’s applying process, it’s advantages and Finally it’s unlimited features, you can apply this config unlimited health, they can give unlimited health config file for bgmi new update this config file is paid but it is free for you then you should do it or take care Use this config file at your own risk, sometimes I’D gets ban due to recent update in BGMI. so use this config file carefully. I hope you liked this article, if you like it, then definitely share it with your friends so that everyone can get help.

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