Upcoming BGMI C2S6 M12 Royal Pass Release Date, Leaks and Reward

Upcoming BGMI C2S6 M12 Royal Pass Release Date, Leaks and Reward

Release Date, Leaks, Rewards, and RP 1 to 50 Rewards for the BGMI M12 Royal Pass. Today, I'll discuss Pubg and BGMI M12 Royal Pass Leaks, Release Dates, Rewards, and Other Topics. Bgmi and Pubg Mobile, as you may be aware, update the royal pass once a month. Bgmi M12 royal pass will be available next week, on June 19th.

BGMI M12 Royal Pass Release Date

BGMI Royal pass

M12 Royal pass (Month 12)

M12 Royal pass release date

19th June

BGMI M9 End Date

19th June at 5:30 AM

BGMI M12 Ryal Pass Price

360 UC

The M12 Royal Pass will be released on June 19th at 7:30 a.m. in BGMI and Pubg. M12 royal pass will begin at 7:30 a.m., two hours after BGMI M9 royal pass ends at 5:30 a.m. on June 19th.

So, be ready to enjoy the BGMI M12 Royal pass goodies at 7:30 a.m. Pubg M12 will be released soon as well.

Here you will find information about the BGMI Royal Pass M12 release date, as well as leaks and rewards ranging from 1 to 50 RP.

BGMI M12 Royal pass details

In the coming days, BGMI will reach the next royale pass which is Royal Pass Month 12. The BGMI M12 Royale pass is currently not available to players. However, there are several leaks in the system for players. You’ll learn about all of the upcoming rewards and stuff in-game here. It will be released after the bgmi update apk. Download the Bgmi and Pubg 2.0 apk download from here.

So, let’s learn more about the impending BGMI M12 Royale Pass Rewards and Leaks. Every month, Krafton surprises us with something new with the royale pass. Players will be able to experience a variety of prizes as part of the new Royale pass.

According to the leaks, the BGMI M12 Royale pass will also offer additional rewards for the players. As usual, headgear would be available for 5RP. A new plane skin has been the subject of much debate.

BGMI M12 Royal Pass Leaks

The BGMI M12 Rewards and Leaks that will appear in the next BGMI royal pass, Month 12, which will be released in June, are listed below.

  1. M12 RP 1- Captain Happy Set and Crimson Flamegon: Mosin Nagant skin.
  2. RP 5- Captain Happy Cover.
  3. BGMI M12 RP 10- Stellar Sense Backpack skin.
  4. RP 15- Emote – Grass Victory and Spacecraft Stun Grenade skin.
  5. RP 20- Candle Alert – Parachute and Spacecraft Ornament.
  6. RP 25- Extreme Out layer Cover.
  7. RP 30- Fairlands Finish – Plane Skin and Emote Over-Ear.
  8. RP 35- Cake Fiest – Win94.
  9. RP 40- Happy Times – Aug
  10. BGMI Month 12 50 RP- High Elf Set.
And in this season some of antiban patch version will also be updated to ban cheater from game.

Note: Essentially, these are the game's key rewards. In-game motivatation will consist of both paid and unpaid RP parts. As a result, users will be able to obtain all of these products in addition to the badges.

BGMI Royal Pass M12 Release Date

The new Bgmi M12 Royal Pass will be far superior to the M12 Royal Pass. The BGMI is going to impress the players. The mythological outfit in the M12 Royale Pass is significantly superior than the previous one in the M9 Royale Pass.

The Bgmi M12 Royal Pass will be released on June 19th, the same day that the M11 Royal Pass will be ending.
The BGMI M12 Royal Pass will be distributed on June 19, 2022, at 7:30 a.m.

BGMI M12 1RP to 50 RP Leaks

Price of BGMI M12 Royal Pass Price

As you may be aware, to purchase a Royal Elite Pass in BGMI, 360 UC is necessary, however to acquire a Royal Elite Pass Elite plus, 960 UC is required. According to Pubg news and leaks, the upcoming season will be themed around food products.

Have a look on Today, I've detailed the BGMI M12 Royal Pass Release Date, Rewards, and Leaks in this blog, along with reward photographs. Finally, the release date for the BGMI Season C2S5 M12 Royal Pass has been revealed.


Upcoming BGMI C2S6 M12 Royal Pass Release Date, Leaks and Reward
17th June 2022

How Much BGMI C2S6 Royal Pass Total Cost in India?
360UC Is Required to Buy C2S6 Royal Pass 2022.

How Much BGMI C2S6 Elite Royale Pass Cost in india?
960UC Is Required to Buy C2S6 Elite Pass 2022

When Will BGMI next royal pass date in India?
19th June 2022

When will BGMI M9 Royal Pass release date in India?
21st March 2022


So, we've covered everything there is to know about the BGMI M12 Royal Pass release date, as well as leaks, BGMI, and Squid's participation.
        So that's everything there is to know about the BGMI M12 1 to 50 RP Leaks. All about the BGMI M12 Royal Pass, including leaks, release dates, rewards, and more. When we acquire any new information regarding the BGMI M12, we'll update this page.

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