Top 3 short Animes you have to watch Before you Die

Top 3 short animes you have to watch before you Die

1. Death note

What will happen when you get power to kill anyone by just writing their name . That is the whole plot of this anime .
Light Yagami , very sharp and cunning high school boy gets this power ." L" world's number one detective is against Light to catch him .
The twists and turns will blow your mind.

Available - Free at Telegr@m

2. Erased

Our hero is a normal man who writes manga for a living but he has a special power called " Revival" which allows him to go back in time between 1-5 minutes. He uses this power to save people.
Soon he found himself as the culprit of his own mother's murder. In the next moment he found himself way back in time , in his middle school.

Available - Free at Telegr@m

3. Battle game in 5 Seconds

Uff ufff!!! Now you have completed watching those mind numbling animes it's time to get something lighter. 
In this anime a battle starts within 5 Seconds you saw your opponent but the catch is each one has different abilities. Our hero is to watch out perfect combination of wits and power.
However, this not as good as those stated above but yes this is will be worth your time .

Available - Free at YouTube

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