Types of Engineering, Countries Celebrating Engineer's Day on 15 September

Who is Engineer? (Engineer job description)

Engineers are professionals who create, design, analyse, construct, test, and evaluate machines, complex systems, structures, gadgets, and materials to satisfy functional objectives and requirements while taking into account the practicality, regulation, safety, and cost constraints.The idea of engineering has been around since people first created basic devices like the wheel, pulley, and lever. Each of these creations adheres to the contemporary notion of engineering, making use of fundamental mechanical concepts to create practical tools and things.
As we know "Imhotep" is also known as first engineer known by his name and achievements.

Why do we celebrate Engineer's Day ?

Since 1968, M. Visvesvaraya's birthday has been observed as Engineer's Day in honour of the great engineer who assisted in the construction of many notable structures, including the Krishna Raja Sagar dam in Karnataka. On this occasion, prime minister also greets engineers for their effort in the field of engineering. Global engineering day is 4 March of every year.

World engineering day

How to be an Engineer ?

After 12 Obtain a master's degree in an engineering specialty. Obtain hands-on expertise in the area. Obtain a licence as a professional engineer (PE) in a branch of engineering. Obtain more credentials in your field and/or sign up for professional organisations to be an expert Engineer.

All 26 Types of Engineering in India 2022 ?

Here are all types of engineering list in India 2022.
Electrical engineer
Chemical Engineering
Aerospace engineering
Biomedical engineering
Computer Engineering
Civil engineering 
Electronic engineering
Biomedical Engineering 
Mechanical Engineering 
Automobile Engineering
Agricultural engineering
Environmental engineer
Aerospace Engineering 
Petroleum Engineering 
Industrial Engineering 
Construction Engineering 
Computer Science and Engineering
Nuclear Engineering 
Design Engineering 
Computer hardware engineering 
Systems engineering
Systems engineering
Biological engineering
Biological engineering
Ceramic engineering
Mining Engineering 

Which day is World Engineers Day in Different countries ?

These are some of the countries which are celebrating World Engineers Day. As we all know civil engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering day is also celebrated on 15 September.

India : 15 September 
USA : 15 September 
Canada : 15 September 
Note : Germany doesn't celebrate world Engineers Day

When was Engineering day first Celebrated ?

In 1968, (birthday of great Sir M. Visvesvarayas ) was first Celebrated as Engineering Day,

Synonyms of Engineering

originator, deviser, contriver, mastermind, Engineering officer, controller, handler, driver, operator etc.

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