Navratri Festival, History, image, Theme and all you need to know

Navratri Festival History WhatsApp images download, Time-Table Read Durga Puja theme. Know why Navratri festival is celebrated its history, popular date and time of festival Durga Puja, nomenclature of Navratri, significance of each day of Navratri/Durga puja, how is celebrated in foreign countries , and theme of Durga Puja/Navratri. 2022

History of Navratri 

Navratri is celebrated by hindus on the day when goddess Durga mata killed the demon (Mahishasura).

Once a powerful God (Lord Brahma), had blessed Mahishasura with the gift of immortality  because of his dedication to him (by prayer) which meant he could never die.

However, this gift did come with some  condition -  Mahishasura could be only defeated by woman.

Mahishasura thought there would be not any women stronger then him and he accepted for being immortal.

Over many years passed, Mahishasura and his group became a powerful force attacking innocent people on Earth and no gods were strong enough to able to defeat him as he was immortal.


To defeat Mahishasura, Finally Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva - the three most powerful gods of Hinduism - decided to come together and create the goddess Durga, a powerful woman whose intention was to destroy Mahishasura.

The gods equipped the new created goddess Durga with lots of powerful weapons before she went into battle with Mahishasura.

Durga fought with his full power (which lasts for 10 days) , and it proved quite difficult for Durga, as he was kept changing his form to confuse the goddess. However, when he finally turned into a buffalo, Durga was able to defeat him. And she defeated him.

When is celebrated and known for Navratri 

Navratri is a festival of happiness. Navratri lasts for 10 days ( 9 Nights). This year Navratri is celebrated on 26 September 2022 (Mon) – 5 October (Wed)

Navratri is also known as

Navratri is celebrated by Hindu, and also known by

Navratri, Nauratri, Navarathri, Navaratra, Navratan, Nauratan, Nauraat in different parts of world.


Important Dates of Navratri

2021 Date 7 Oct (Thu) – 15 October (Fri)
2022 Date 26 Sep (Mon) – 5 October (Wed)
2023 Date 15 Oct (Sun) – 24 October (Tue)

Nomenclature of Navratri in India 

In Sanskrit The word Navaratri means 'nine nights', nava meaning nine and ratri meaning nights. which actually means Navratri is. Celebrated for 9 Nights each night has it's own importance. In Eastern, Western India Navratri is also known as Durga Puja.

9 Days of Durga Puja/Navratri

Navratri WhatsApp status images

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Some images of Durga Puja celebration in Eastern Part of india
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Celebrating Navratri Southern India and foreign countries 
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