[2022] Top 5 best Budget Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

[2022] Top 5 best Budget Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Under ₹2,000 or even less
As mechanical keyboard provide best experience. Most people don't care about money when it comes about keyboard. A better keyboard provide beast and long lasting experience. Here are 5 best Mechanical Keyboard Under ₹2,000 or even less with premium features

Red Gear MK853

This keyboard is great for gamers and developer as company says it's anti gost touch which means if you press 10+ keys at a time it will respond as much you had pressed. It has metal frame. This keyboard had 104 Keys, with moderate in size, Full RGB keyboard it prize may ranges between ₹2,000 - ₹2,500 you may not have to wait for Flipkart/Amazon festival Event. The company also give 1 year of warrenty from date of manufacture. 

This keyboard comes with a lot of stuffs likes 

  1. A key Remover
  2. Some stickers of Red Gear
  3. A User Manual
  4. 5 Rubber Paddings for [ Extra Grip ]
  5. Content Mechanical blue clicky switches
  6. Wrist Rest plate
  7. 22+ RGB Colour mode
  8. Software Support
  9. Works in PS4, PS5, PC and X-Box
  10. High build Quality

For warrenty support contact info@imaginemarketingindia.com

Gamidias Hermes E2

Gamdias Hermes E2 is one of the best keyboard that under budget with having High build quality and long lasting Response. Hermes E2 keyboard comes with 87 keys, this keyboard has been intensionally made for hard core gamers as they need compact size keyboard and Lage surface are for using mouse. For better friction it has rubber grip.

Hermes E2 keyboard has been designed to accommodate both right hand and left hand gamers [ WSAD key can be used  as arrow keys]. Hermes E2 provide 1 year warrenty.

Some of the features are listed below :
Features of Gamidias Heermes E2 keyboard

  1. C Type type cable
  2. 7 Color RGB keyboard colour
  3. User Manual
  4. Neon light spectrum
  5. Wired connection
  6. Anti-ghost touch, Beast for Gamers
  7. Metallic body
  8. 87 keys lightweight sensitive
  9. Compact Size
  10. Adjustable height feature

The keyboard doesn't comes with much customisation in colour effect also this keyboard upper part is metallic and rest is high quality plastic.

Ant EsportEsports MK1300

Ant Esports MK3200 also known as Ant Esports Multicolour LED backlight mechanical keyboard. This Keyboard comes with bunch of features, 104 blue switch keys and User Manual. This is full comparable with window XP, window 7, window 8, window 10, X-Box, PS3,PS4, PS5, IOS and Android.

Features of Ant Esports MK1300 Keyboard

  1. Support USB type C
  2. Edge RGB colour
  3. User Manual
  4. Customizable RGB colour mode
  5. Stand support [ No Palm Reset Surface ]
  6. 1 year warrenty
  7. 104 Keys
  8. Portable Keyboard
  9. Standard size
  10. Anti-ghost touch

For any type of warrenty support India can contact here : support@acrorma.com

Cosmic Byte Themis

Cosmic Byte Themis is a mechanical keyboard which comes with 61 keys with RGB keyboard. Prize of this keyboard drops till ₹1000 in Flipkart events. This is one of the most selling keyboard for business and personal use.

Some of features of Cosmic Byte Themis Keyboard

  1. Support USB type C
  2. RGB colour mode
  3. User Manual
  4. Customs Effect of RGB colour
  5. Adjustable Height
  6. Warrenty of 1 Year
  7. 104 keys
  8. 1 key remover tool
  9. Normal Size
  10. Anti-ghost Touch

Check this product on Flipkart and Amazon for more information.

Quantum QHM9800

Quantum QHM9800 rapid strike mechanical keyboard comes with only black body plastic cover having standard size . Can be attached by USB cable (wire) 6 different RGB LED color with Backlight Color which makes it more tech and can be attached to almost all windows having no warrenty origin country is China

Some of Features of Quantum QHM9800 keyboard

  1. Support USB type C
  2. RGB color Mode
  3. User Manual
  4. Custom effect of RGB color
  5. No height Adjustable Feature
  6. No Warrenty
  7. 104 keys
  8. No Key remover
  9. Normal Size
  10. Support 1 key at a time

This keyboard is an average keyboard great for new cyber or low end office work. Prize may range from ₹1,000- ₹1,500

Conclusion: Comment Your Personal Review Regrading these keyboards

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